College Street is paved with books on almost all subjects-Marxist tracts, literature, classical philosophy, or the post modern thinkers.

The Presidency College, established as Hindoo College by David Hare in 1817 and later renamed in 1855, stands right there on College Street with its 175 plus years of academic brilliance.

Facing Presidency College inside the same premises is the David Hare School – an austere three-storied building.

Adjacent to Hare School is the Calcutta University, the first to be founded in India in 1857 as an examination and degree conferring body.

The Ashutosh Museum has the distinction of being the first university museum in India ontaining specimens of sculpture, paintings and folk arts from various parts of Eastern India.

College Square is adorned with the statues of famous personalities and a swimming pool. Added to the array of books, the Coffee House at College Square attract people with infusion and black coffee, cigarettes and adda of a wide range of topics.

So, heritage ride on tram provides you with a unique opportunity to savour the rich tradition of Kolkata.

8-30—11-30 A.M. (during October to February)
7-30—10-00A.M. (during April to September)
This tour will only be on Sundays. Assembly at the Esplanade Tram Terminus.
For Information and Resrevation Contact:
  • West Bengal Tourism Centre, 2/5,B.B.D. Bag (East), Kolkata 700001.
  • Bingsha Shatabdi, 75, Park Street, Kolkata 700016.
  • India Tourism, Kolkata, Embassy, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata 700071.
Fare —— Rs. 100/- per person

Calcutta, the City of Joy wakes up with the sounds of bells coming out of the rattling of trams, early in the morning, every day. Trams are integral part of heritage of Kolkata.

Tram ride is Joy ride, In India, only Kolkata can offer this ride. A Tram ride for ‘Heritage on tracks’ offers a unique opportunity for our acquaintances with the heritage of this city.