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TENDER NAME. : P-42/05/2012
1. Tender Name. : P-42/05/2012   Estimated cost :Rs 0/-
Earnest Money :Rs 0/-   Time of Completion : AS PER TENDER
Location : AS PER TENDER
Details : P-42/05/2012 – 13 To P - 47/05/2012 – 13 & Sale Notice No : P – 48/05/2012-13

(Government of West Bengal Undertaking )
12, R. N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700 001

Tender Name : P-42/05/2012 – 13 To P - 47/05/2012 – 13 & Sale Notice No : P – 48/05/2012-13

Sealed Tenders are invited from experienced, reputed and resourceful and bonafide Advertising Firms for appointment of Licensee for Advertisement-right on Buses for a period of 3 years

1.Tender No. P – 42/05/2012-13, Item : Advertisement-right on outside Panels of 145 Bus Bodies(Normal).

2. Tender No P – 43/05/2012-13, Item : Advertisement-right on Back-spaces of Seat inside of the 145 Buses(Normal).

3. Tender No P – 44/05/2012-13, Item : Advertisement-right on Side-glass (upper) and Back-spaces of Seat & other spaces inside of the 119 JNNURM Buses. Cost of Tender Documents : Rs 1000/-(non-refundable) -per Tender, Earnest Money : Rs. 1,00,000/- per Tender.

4. Tender No P – 45/05/2012-13, Item : Sealed Tenders are invited from the bonafide, reputed, technically sound software house having experience in E-Tendering or like software for Development of E-Tendering Software for the Company in PHP / .NET platform with database in SQL server / MY SQL. The developer will also do the maintenance job. Please submit Technical Feasibility and Financial Quotation with maintenance charges in separate envelopes mentioning the tender number. Financial envelope will only be opened only if the technical committee of the Company is satisfied over technical feasibility of the software firm. The technical envelope will contain Technical Expertise and Feasibility on E-tender software alongwith credentials, photocopy of valid IT / PT / VAT / Service Tax registration certificates, trade license while financial envelope will contain financial proposals. Earnest Money 2%.
Sealed tenders are invited from bonafied, financially sound businessmen / business organization for letting out vacant area of Buildings within Gariahat and Park Circus Tram Depot.


5. Tender No. P – 46/05/2012-13, Item : 1st floor of the two storied Traffic and Cash office building (extreme south side) adjacent to east side boundary wall, facing Gariahat Road, within Gariahat Tram Depot, premises address : 52, Gariahat Road, Kolkata – 700 019. Super built up area to be given on rent (First floor) = Rs. 1867.60 Sq.Ft.

6. Tender No P – 47/05/2012-13, Item : 1st and 2nd floor of the two storied Traffic Office Building (south – west corner) adjacent to south side boundary wall, facing Congress Exhibition Road, within Park Circus Tram depot, premises address : 1, Congress Exhibition Road, Kolkata – 700017. Super built up area to be given on rent (Ground floor) = Rs. 1058.00 Sq Ft. Super built up area to be given on rent (First floor) = RS. 1058.00 Sq. Ft.


Terms and Conditions :

1. Rent to be quoted both in figure and in words per Square Foot basis.

2. 24 months rent has to be paid in advance during agreement by the successful offerer. There after the rent have to be paid on 1st (First) working day of every month.

3. The rent per month will have to be enhanced @ 10 % at the completion of every 1 (One) year.

4. Lessee has to be deposit security money amounting to Rs. 3,00,000/- only.

5. The initial lease term will be valid for 5 (Five) years only from the date of agreement.

6. The term of lease may be renewed after every 5 (Five) years on satisfactory performance. In respect of payments, commercial activities and abiding by all terms and conditions as laid down by this company.

7. No addition / alteration / vertical extension of existing structure, in whatever form, is allowed without due approval of C.T.C. authority. If any so allowed, the lessee will be responsible for obtaining sanction plan from K.M.C. authority, as applicable.

8. The offerer will have to be declare the type of business / commercial activities he is intended to perform at the said location. The lease term will be allowed only for normal business activities. Any business of hazardous nature causing any type of nuisance / anti pollution activities / stocking of inflammable article / Business of unethical nature is strictly prohibited. In any such case the lease agreement will be cancelled immediately.

9. The lessee has to bear all expenses towards consumption of water / electricity / sewerage disposal etc. and he will be liable for any repair / maintenance work for such utility.


10. The lessee has to pay the taxes and other charges as applicable towards commercial activities.

11. The lessee shall in no way would encroach any part of the premises other than the rented to him.

12. No sub-lease, in any form, is strictly prohibited.

13. The lessee is not allowed to mortgage and / or assign any part of the leased premises.

14. The lessee shall have to make necessary arrangement for separate entry and exit to the said buildings.

15. No car parking is allowed within the depot premises.

16. The company has every right to cancel the agreement by giving one months notice at any point of time without showing any reason, whatsoever. Failure to pay the rent on the stipulated day for three consecutive months will automatically attract issue of termination notice of the agreement.

17. Earnest Money : 2% of the Tender Amount

7. Sale Tender No P – 48/05/2012-13, Item : Gas Cutting of Superstructural Position of 3 nos Tram Cars, Car no 297, 645 & 630 and take out of M.S. item copper wire and passenger seats leaving under tram chassis. Earnest money 50,000/-

Tender documents may be obtained from correspondence section at CTC Head Office, 12 R.N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata-700 001, on production of Cash Receipt of Rs. 1000/- (Non Refundable) for each set of Tender documents payable in cash to the Chief Accounts Officer-cum-Secretary at Head Office.

The tenderer should have credential for at least 60% of estimated value of work in a single contract during last 3 (three) years for civil and allied works only. VAT rate should be mentioned against each item and tender where it is applicable. The tenders along with Earnest Money in the form of Bank Draft / Pay Order, Credentials, Certified copies of valid IT/PT, Sales Tax Clearance Certificate, PAN and Vat Registration Certificate addressed to the Managing Director, The CTC(1978) Ltd are to be deposited in the Tender box located in the 2nd floor of CTC’s Head Office by 13.30 hrs on 24-05-2012. Tenders will be opened at 14.00 hrs on 24-05-2012 in presence of the authorized representatives of the tenderer. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject all or any tender or split up the work without assigning any reason whatsoever and is not bound to accept the highest/lowest offer.

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