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TENDER NAME. : P- 94 /11/2012 – 13 To P -118/11/2012 – 13
1. Tender Name. : P- 94 /11/2012 – 13 To P -118/11/2012 – 13   Estimated cost :Rs 0/-
Earnest Money :Rs 0/-   Time of Completion : AS PER TENDER
Location : AS PER TENDER

(Government of West Bengal Undertaking )
12, R. N. Mukherjee Road,
Kolkata – 700 001

Tender No / EOI No : P- 94 /11/2012 – 13 To P -118/11/2012 – 13

Sealed Tenders are invited from experienced, reputed, resourceful and bonafide Manufacturers / Suppliers / Authorized dealers / Distributors / Experienced Civil , Mechanical and Electrical Contractors for the following works / Items (Manufacturers will be given due preference).

Work for Over Head & Cable Department :

1. Tender No. P - 94/11/2012-13, Work : Laying of 550 Volt D. C. traction 3.3 KV grade single core armoured aluminium power cable, 1000 mm2 (both positive & negative) making cable trenches including installation of F.P. Boxes from Kalighat to Wattgunj Junction. Estimated Amount : Rs. 10,79,170/-, Time of Completion 60 days. Earnest Money Rs. 22000/-

2. Tender No. P - 95/11/2012-13, work : Manufacture & supply of medium section Steel Tubular Traction Pole as per drawing. Estimated Amount : Rs. 14,40,000/-, Time of Completion : 30 Days. Earnest Money Rs. 29000/-

3. Tender No. P – 96/11/2012-13, work : Painting and Numbering of steel Tubular Traction Pole from Kalighat to Wattgunj Junction. Estimated Amount : Rs. 96,000/-, Time of Completion : 30 Days. Earnest Money Rs.2000/-

4. Tender No. P – 97/11/2012-13, work : Erection of Tubular Traction Pole along Kalighat – Wattgunj Junction. Estimated Amount : Rs. 8,40,000/-, Time of Completion : 45 days. Earnest Money Rs.17000/-

5. Tender No. P – 98/11/2012-13, work : Recondition of Tubular Traction Pole for Kalighat – Mominpur Junction. Estimated Amount : Rs. 1,50,000/-, Time of Completion : 30 days. Earnest Money Rs.3000/-

5. Tender No. P – 98/11/2012-13, work : Supply and fixing(as per drawing) of Wooden Plank between Bridge Girder including supply and fixing of M.S. ancillary support for drawing OHE Network beneath Khidderpore Flyover. Estimated Amount : Rs. 1,20,000/-, Time of Completion : 30 days. Earnest Money Rs.2400/-


Work for Building Department

6 Tender No. P – 99/11/2012-13, Work : Annual maintenance of Civil Works – Central Zone, Estimated Amount : 5,00,000/-, Time of Completion : 365 Days, Earnest Money : 10,000/-.

7. Tender No. P – 100/11/2012-13, Emergency repair and maintenance work in connection with the roof leakage problem and collapsible Gate at Dalhousie Substation., Estimated Amount : 3,71,300/-, Time of Completion : 45 Days, Earnest Money : 7500/-.

8. Tender No. P –101/11/2012-13, Replacement of GCI sheet from the roof & other ancillary civil works including repairing of toilet block of the Kalighat Substation Building at Kalighat Depot, Estimated Amount : 2,62,878/-, Time of Completion : 30 Days, Earnest Money : 5300/-.

9. Tender No. P –102/11/2012-13, Sinking of Deep tube-well at Rajabazar Depot, Estimated Amount : Rs. 2,25,530/-, Time of Completion : 60 Days, Earnest Money : Rs. 4500/-

10. Tender No. P –103/11/2012-13, Erecetion of M.S. railing in the garden situated at the North-West corner of CTC Control Building and repairing of Bus & Tram Entry Gate along with cross drainage work with R.C.C. Spun Pipe at the open spaces within RajaBAZAR Depot, Estimated Amount : Rs.2,18,300/-, Time of completion : 30 days, Earnest Money : Rs. 4400/-

Work for Bus Department :

Sealed tenders are invited for the following items from bonafied financially sound and experienced suppliers and reputed manufacturers and bus body builders having own workshop alongwith requisite trained man-power and necessary tools and measuring instruments to carry out the job is very much essential :-

11. Tender No. P – 104/11/2012-13, work : Reconstruction of accident portion of bus body of the following Ashok Leyland and TATA buses – WB04/E 3934, WB04/E 5317, WB04/D 6672, WB04/D 9448, WB04/E 3937, WB04/D 5747, WB04/E 4900, WB04/E 2102, WB04/D 5737, WB04/D 5741. Earnest Money : Rs. 10,000/-.

The Tenderer should have credential for at least 60% of estimated value of work in a single contract during last 5 (five) years for civil and allied works only.

The tenderer has to submit the technical bid and commercial bid separately in sealed cover. The technical bid will be opened first. If the same is found satisfactory, then only commercial bid will be opened.

Expression of interest are invited from bonafide, financially sound businessmen / business organization for letting out vacant space of Buildings at prime locations within the following C.T.C. premises. The details are as follows:



21. EOI No. P -114/11/2012-13, Item : Advertisement-right on Back-spaces of Seat inside of the 145 Buses(Normal).

22. EOI No. P – 115 /11/2012-13: Sealed tenders are invited for the following items from bonafied financially sound and experienced and reputed manufacturers and bus body builders having own workshop alongwith requisite trained man-power and necessary tools and measuring instruments to carry out the job of conversion of two numbers non AC standard Ashok Leyland BS-III (WB04D 6029 & WB04D 6028) buses to A/c buses. Earnest Money : 20000/-.

23. EOI No. P - 116/11/2012-13, Expression of Interest to Operate CTC Buses by franchisee:

Expression of interest (EOI) is invited from experienced and bonafied Bus Operators to operate the following buses (30 nos.) within the jurisdiction of Kolkata Metropolitan Area and its suburb under certain terms and conditions. - WB04/C 3297, WB04/C 3289, WB04/C 3945, WB04/C 3949, WB04/C 3955, WB04/C 3431, WB04/C 3436, WB04/C 3442, WB04/C 3444, WB04/C 3702, WB04/C 8635, WB04/C 3708, WB04/C 3705, WB04/C 3707, WB04/C 8626, WB04/C 8565, WB04/C 8566, WB04/C 3710, WB04/C 3816, WB04/C 8573, WB04/C 3433, WB04/C 8634, WB04/D 1693, WB04/D 1695, WB04/C 8564, WB04/D 1475, WB04/C 3432, WB04/C 8611, WB04/D 1471, WB04/C 8570.

25. EOI No. P - 118/11/2012-13, Sealed Tenders are invited from the Experienced, reputed, resourceful and bonafide Advertising Firms for Advertisement-right on the Hoarding spaces at following Locations of CTC for a period of 3 (three) years excluding the spaces of existing LIVE ADVERTISEMENT.

1. Gariahat Depot
2. Kalighat Depot
3. Ballygunge Tram Terminus
4. Kidderpore Depot
5. Joka Depot
6. Hasting Sub-station
7. Behala Tram Terminus
8. Rajabazar Depot
9. Belgatchia Depot
10. Shyambazar Tram Terminus
11. Gallif Street Tram / Bus Terminus
12. Kankurgachi Sub-station
13. Ghasbagan Depot
14. Tollygunge Depot
15. Parkcircus Depot

Earnest Money : Rs. 25,000/-

Security Deposit is to be ascertained at 20% of the Total Contract price for 3 (three) years. Rates (exclusive of all Taxes and clear & free from all deductions) shall be based on per sft. Per annum. As the Hoardings / Advertising spaces would be illuminated one rate should be quoted on illuminated display. Own arrangement for supply of power in illuminating of Hoarding Boards shall be made by the Advertising Firms.

Tender documents may be obtained from correspondence section at CTC Head Office, 12 R.N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata-700 001, on production of Cash Receipt of Rs. 1000/- (Non Refundable) for each set of Tender documents payable in cash to the Chief Accounts Officer-cum-Secretary at Head Office.

VAT rate should be mentioned against each item and tender where it is applicable. The tenders along with Earnest Money in the form of Bank Draft / Pay Order or Cash Receipt, Credentials, Certified Copies of valid IT/PT, Sales Tax Clearance Certificate, PAN and Vat Registration Certificate addressed to the , Managing Director, The CTC(1978) Ltd. are to be deposited in the Tender box located in the 2nd floor of CTC’s Head Office by 14.00 hrs on 04.12.2012 which will be opened on same day at 14.30 hrs on the same day in presence of the authorized representatives of the tenderer. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject all or any tender or split up the work without assigning any reason whatsoever and is not bound to accept the highest/lowest offer. The decision in this respect will be at the sole discretion of the Management.

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