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In conformity with its tradition of dedication and committment for over a century (since 1880) to serve the commuters of this city of joy,Calcutta Tramways Company has taken a new venture by introducing bus services from 4th November 1992 initially with a fleet of 40 buses. CTC ,having already unfurled a golden chapter in running trams,it was felt that bus would serve as an advantageous transport for the company since it would be able to access those areas which is unaccessible by trams & moreover it requires a moderate investment.Certainly a tram company that runs buses may sound incongruous but this has been done with a vision of reaching wider areas & keep the CTC heritage intact.In addition running buses will also maintain the financial harmony within the CTC.Since the introduction of the first CTC bus service,this petroleum vehicle has travelled a long way and had build a vast network within a short span of time.With over 39 routes throughout Kolkata,efficient service,comfortability,& smooth rides these blue/orange striped buses have carved a niche for itself.

The CTC fleet of buses fulfils the condition of a safe,reliable & punctual mode of transport and runs in tandem with its Tram colleagues.Running of the bus section reveals the diversification plans of the Calcutta Tramways Company and its vision for the years to come.

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